• Top Causes of Tooth Decay

  • Dental caries are a common oral health condition many people face in London, Pittsburg, East Bernstadt, Lily and the surrounding areas. Also known as tooth decay or dental decay, this problem results from the decay of the tooth structure due to acids produced by bacteria in the mouth. Dental caries occur when the bacteria in the mouth feeds on sugar and forms an acid, which attacks the teeth. Repeated attacks break down the tooth enamel gradually leading to a major cavity. The biting surface of the molars, gum lines and interdental spaces are more vulnerable to dental caries.

    The following are the major reasons why dental cavities occur:

    Improper Nutrition

    A diet high in starch and sugar supports a thriving environment for bacteria. Too much sugary foods enhance the formation of acid in the mouth, which can lead to cavities.

    Improper Oral Hygiene Practices

    Infrequent or incorrect brushing and flossing is one of the common causes of dental caries in Kentucky. Not brushing the tongue and not using mouthwash may lead to tooth decay.

    Fluoride Deficiency

    Fluoride prevents dental cavities. It makes the tooth enamel robust, protecting it from acids. Lack of sufficient fluoride in the body makes a person susceptible to cavities.

    Tooth Grinding

    Tooth grinding strips away the outer layer of tooth enamel leading to tooth decay. Tooth grinding usually occurs when one is asleep or when they are under intense stress.

    Rough, Weak or Incorrect Dental Fillings

    Dental fillings tend to corrode over the years and begin to break down. This increases the chances of plaque build up which will cause carries later on. Fillings need to be properly done and checked to make sure decay does not occur around or underneath the treated area.

    Dry Mouth

    Since saliva prevents the growth of plaque, people with dry mouth issues are more likely to develop dental cavities. Dry mouth can be caused by prescription medicines, genetic factors, or it may be caused by medical conditions such as diabetes.

    Old Age

    Elderly people may easily develop cavities because teeth tend to wear down over the years.


    Heavy smokers are vulnerable to developing dental cavities since cigarettes contain nicotine and tar which can weaken teeth.

    Hereditary Factors

    Hereditary factors may also be a reason why a person will develop dental cavities. Often times, one can inherit deep tooth crevices and enamel issues, which can make it very difficult to keep teeth free of bacteria. Dental sealants can be a good option to protect those vulnerable areas.

    Plaque Formation

    The mouth contains bacteria which feeds on sugary foods and drinks. The accumulation of food residues causes a sticky film to be developed on teeth which will lead to plaque formation.

    Receding Gums

    Persons with receding gums either as a result of gingivitis or old age are more likely to develop caries. This is because the removal of the natural coating on the root of a tooth increases chances of decay.

    The above-mentioned are the common causes of dental cavities. Having in-depth knowledge about how this dental problem occurs makes it much easier to prevent the condition and keep teeth healthy and looking good.

    It’s important to learn proper ways of preventing dental caries. This oral condition can be eliminated by adopting top-notch dental hygiene methods, correct and frequent brushing, avoiding sugary foods, maintaining a healthy diet, use of antimicrobial mouth rinse and lastly, regularly visiting a dentist for checkups and dental cleanings.