• Are X-Rays Safe For My Teeth?

  • When you visit a dentist in London, Pittsburg, East Bernstadt, Lily, or the surrounding areas, you’ll likely start with having a few X-ray images taken of your teeth. This is so that the dentist can identify any potential problems that need treatment – such as fillings or decay. Without taking X-ray images, the dentist won’t be able to see what’s happening beneath the surface of the tooth. Some dentists may even refuse to treat a patient who won’t allow X-ray images to be taken because they won’t have the information they need to do their work.

    With all the information out there about what is harmful and what isn’t, it’s easy to get confused. While X-ray imaging is a necessary part of visiting the dentist, some people may wonder if the X-rays used are in any way harmful. Parents especially may be concerned that X-rays are dangerous for young children. So, is it safe to have X-ray images taken at a dental office in Kentucky? The answer is yes!

    Why X-Ray Images Taken By Dentists Are Safe

    Technology has improved significantly since X-ray imaging was first introduced. Today, X-ray imaging used in dental clinics are designed to expose patients to as little radiation as possible. Many dental clinics also use protective aprons to further reduce the exposure.

    In addition, dentists take a number of precautions to ensure that their patients are not subjected to extra risk factors when having X-ray images taken. These include:

    • Taking X-ray images only when necessary. If the dentist can examine your teeth and see the problem that needs fixing without taking another X-ray image, then they won’t take another X-ray image. It’s that simple! However, dental disease does not always show itself immediately through discolouration or visible decay. X-ray images can detect what’s happening on the inside of the teeth.
    • Low radiation settings. Because radiation is necessary, there’s no way to avoid it completely. However, dentists use the lowest radiation setting possible to take an X-ray image.
    • Using the safest form of X-rays. A bitewing X-ray is the most commonly used type of X-ray in dental clinics. The level of radiation produced from a bitewing X-ray is only 0.005 millisieverts of radiation – which is the same as spending a day in the sun!

    Are There Any Long-Term Effects?

    Some people may have questions about whether the radiation exposure during X-ray imaging can lead to health problems later in life. This is not the case! A responsible dentist will only take as many X-ray images as necessary, keeping radiation exposure to a minimum. If fact, you’re probably exposed to more radiation from the sun than from dental X-ray imaging.

    When done properly, dental X-ray imaging is safe!