• Why Flossing Is Important

  • braces - woman - flossing cynthia couch dentist Kentucky At a young age, we have been told that aside from brushing our teeth for at least twice a day, flossing is also something which we should not forget. It may make anyone wonder why it is so—after all, brushing already covers the washing of the surface of our teeth, and it would seem to be redundant to even make more efforts in cleaning what has already been cleaned. However, this is a common misconception, and failing to floss between the dents would only make matters worse.

    At times, food gets stuck in between our teeth, but brushing alone does not always take these particles off. When this continues for a long time, there would be a build-up of clusters of bacteria and viruses which are also referred to as DENTAL PLAQUES, and these may change the chemical environment in one’s mouth if untreated. Accumulation of these harmful microorganisms will then eventually lead to inflammation and infection of the gums and worse, even to a loss of a tooth.

    Bad breath can also occur if these bacteria would not be tended to. Because these are still essentially food particles stuck in the mouth, if they are left in there for a few days, then a pungent smell would naturally develop and would affect a person’s hygiene. An unpleasant smell is also an indication of a tooth decay or a gum infection, and this is actually one of the few initial signs that something wrong is happening. A tooth will not immediately drop off just because a person has forgotten to floss that one time. It will take a few days to build-up, and when the bacteria has reached a certain level even when there are still no distinct signs of pain, then one should expect the worst.

    Individuals with diabetes may undergo worse conditions if flossing is not made as a regular habit. As these diagnosed patients have a slower healing time than those without the said illness, any inflammation or wounds caused by gum infections would take a longer time to be cured, and this could eventually lead to the further deterioration of both the person’s gums and teeth.

    Some people might consider that flossing is a task too hard to do especially with the strands of mint or cherry-coated threads that go unsupported just to clean the teeth. Some individuals find it hard to reach the back portions of the mouth, but with the innovations related to dental health and hygiene, nifty inventions such as Floss Holder packets (that could sometimes be reusable, hence could help save the environment) and even Water Flossers that could shoot thin and concentrated bursts of water to remove plaque can go a long way.

    It may seem to be tedious, but a habit gained is a habit benefited from, and one will only see the good effects once it has already been maintained. So do not forget about this hygienic method, and aside from doing it for at least once a day, do consult with us or check other resources to be able to know the different and effective methods of proper flossing.