• Dental Benefits: Are You One of the 5%?


    dentist London-dental insuranceDid you know that less than 5% of people maximize their dental insurance benefits?  Are you one of the five percent?  That is, do you use the money you’ve been allotted by your insurance company?  Most people don’t capitalize on their benefits.  If you’re looking for a dentist in London, we have what you need.  Dr. Couch and her team can help you make use of your dental benefits and keep your teeth looking great.

    Why Dental Benefits go Unused

    Many patients don’t understand their deductible or maximum amounts when it comes to dental insurance.  Regular dental exams are typically covered, but occasionally patients need restorative procedures as well.  Call your provider to determine what your plan entails, and then make a call to the dentist in London residents prefer.  You may have unused money that can be allocated to replace a broken crown or used to repair your dentures.  Talk with our team to understand how you can maximize your plan.

    When Your Dental Benefits End

    With just a few days of the year left, do you know when your dental insurance plan ends?  Dental plans do not roll over into the next year.  Call your insurance carrier to better understand when your plan ends.  Make sure to inquire about what is left of your deductible.  Armed with this information, you can make a better decision in regards to your oral health.  Use your money before you lose it.

    Understand Your Network

    Insurance companies have established a network of dentists that provide services they cover.  Call to see if your dentist in London, Dr. Cynthia, is in your network.  Keep in mind, it is okay to go outside your network if you prefer.  Our office can help you understand what services are covered through your insurance plan.

    Oral Benefit from Benefits

    When you show up for your regular exams and focus on your oral health with brushing and flossing, not only do your teeth benefit, but so does your overall health.  Poor oral hygiene is linked to serious health issues that affect your heart and immune system.  Good oral health promotes a healthy heart and body, and keeps your smile looking its best.


    Insurance benefits can be confusing, that’s for sure.  However, it is worth it to make a call to your provider in order to maximize your savings.  Look into your HSA or FSA plans; do they cover teeth whitening in time for the holidays?  Does your insurance company cover dental services outside of a regular exam, and if so, what dollar amount remains for the year?  Use the money that is rightfully yours to improve your oral health before the money is gone.  You have a few weeks left in the year to schedule a procedure to use your remaining coverage.  When the year is up, the money will be gone.

    With a quick call, you can learn when your coverage rolls over into a new year and be able to make an informed decision regarding your oral health.  We are happy to help you navigate your questions to the best of our ability.  Our local dentist in London, Dr. Cynthia, and our staff wish you a happy New Year and look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.  For up to date news on oral health, follow us on Facebook.