• Don’t Start the New Year off with the Flu!

  • Toothbrush-dentist LondonIn the midst of flu season, the last thing any of us want is to enter the New Year with the flu.  Instead of reveling in celebrations and enjoying the fresh start, the flu can have you stuck in bed…something no one wants.  Dr. Cynthia, the dentist London residents prefer, says a clean toothbrush can go a long ways in preventing illness.

    Take a look at some facts about the flu:

    • The flu is contagious. Besides spreading from person to person via sneezes, coughs, and saliva, the virus can live on your toothbrush. Does your toothbrush touch another brush when not in use?
    • Often people have the virus or have been exposed to it before they show symptoms of the illness. Proper cleaning of your toothbrush after every use will wash away germs.
    • Flu season generally runs from October to May with the December, January, February months reporting the most cases. This is a great time to replace your toothbrush.  A new toothbrush is best every 3-4 months.


    Minimize germ exposure

    To a point, our body’s immune system preforms better when exposed to germs.  Germs strengthen our immunity to viruses and lessen our susceptibility to them.  In a perfect, germ-free world, we’d all be relatively healthy.   However, while making sure to wash your hands and sanitize surfaces often, it is nearly impossible to stay clear of surfaces that may be infected.

    To protect yourself, practice a good health and oral health regimen.  At our dentist London location, we suggest rinsing your toothbrush with hot water after use and storing it upright to dry.  Also, make sure that your toothbrush is not touching another toothbrush.  Lastly, replace your brush 3-4 times a year for the best results and healthiest toothbrush.


    If you do get the flu

    Sometimes, the flu is unavoidable.  In the case that you do get sick, beat the virus fast with clean hands and clean surfaces.  Sanitize with germ fighting cleaners and wipe down door handles, phones, and surfaces.  Wash your hands after doing laundry, before eating, and don’t reuse glassware or dishes.  The trick is to not reinfect you or your household with germs that are hiding in uncleaned areas.


    Dr. Cynthia, the local dentist London residents trust along with our office staff at Modern Dental Solutions can help answer any of your oral health questions.  We understand the importance of providing you with a clean, sterile environment to avoid illnesses and can discuss ways in which a clean toothbrush can help your overall health.  Simply call us for an appointment or better yet, start the New Year off with a clean mouth and dental exam.  Follow our Facebook page for current topics and trends in the dental industry and make sure your 2018 starts off right.