• February: A Month of Events and Fun

  • Oral Health - Pediatric DentistryFor the shortest month of the year, February is sure packed with celebrations and awareness.  We have Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day.  We also have National Black History Month, National Snack Month, and National Heart Month.  In our London, KY dentist office, we love to celebrate February and National Children’s Oral Health Month. 

    Did you say National Snack Month?

    Yes, we did.  National Snack Month came about as a group of marketers were attempting to increase sales in a month where snack sales were low.  A great idea for snack companies, a cavity disaster for your mouth.  Our London, KY dentist suggests celebrating National Snack Month with healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables.  With more and more consumers looking for healthy snack options, there are plenty of items on the store shelves that can satisfy your hunger without adding to your waistline.  Just remember to brush!

    National Children’s Oral Health Month

    Awareness for oral health in children should begin shortly after birth.  Gentle rubbing of the baby’s gums with a special cloth cleans gums and removes bacteria that thrive in any mouth.  As your child begins teething, a soft toothbrush can provide relief on aching gums.  Early teaching of oral hygiene skills helps your child learn the importance of clean teeth.  Brushing and flossing also helps your child develop fine motor skills.  Let your child hold the toothbrush and brush their own teeth, but make sure you provide follow-up care.  Until a child can brush their own teeth, a parent needs to ensure their teeth have been cleaned properly.

    Our London, KY dentist and our Pediatric Dentistry service are great ways to begin teaching your children about the importance of oral health.  We make dentistry fun!  A quick check-up within the first year of your child’s life sets you on the road to success for a healthy mouth.

    Valentine’s Day

    It’s quite possible the snack company who came up with National Snack Month was battling high candy sales from children’s stuffing their classmates Valentine’s boxes.  But those sticky candies are a nightmare for your little one’s teeth.  Celebrate the moment, but encourage your child to brush and floss after eating candy.  This will help remove any cavity-causing sugar that is stuck to their teeth.  In some schools, nutrition programs prevent candy in schools.  This recent change means your children will have healthier snacks that are better for their body and teeth.

    So how will you celebrate February?  It can be a dreary month so make the most of the holidays and awareness subjects.  Our London dentist staff suggests a trip to the library with your child to read about Black History Month or the Presidents we celebrate.  Create healthy Valentine’s to hand out to peers, or make a goal to promote oral health care with your children.  You’ll be creating a well-rounded young mind while instilling a long-lasting healthy habit that your children will appreciate for the rest of their lives.  Look for more ideas to promote oral health on our Facebook page, and feel free to reach out with any questions.