• Summertime Fun and Healthy Teeth

  • summer London, KY dentistAhhh, summer.  The time of year that kids look forward to and parents dread; when rowdiness is the norm and pool days are unlimited.  To many children, summer means longer days of play and memorable outings.  Parents, on the other hand, wonder how to occupy their kids while still balancing work and a normal routine.  It’s easy to fall off your schedule in summer, so our London, KY dentist offers some helpful tips in making sure you don’t forget your health, and of course, your teeth.


    Keep your Bedtime Routine

    Longer periods of sunlight can make bedtime duties difficult.  Children compete with the sounds of fun echoing through the open windows, and find the sunshine a distraction for sleep.  Even if your child is going to bed at a later time, make sure you don’t neglect your hygiene routine.  Call children in 30 minutes to an hour before bedtime in order to initiate bathing, brushing and flossing, and quiet time.  Consider installing blackout curtains to make the sandman come on time and use the quiet time for winding down the end of a fun day by reading or talking about their adventures.


    Limit Summer Treats

    Our London, KY dentist knows how much fun a Popsicle on a scorching day can be, or the excitement of a lemonade stand.  Treats during the summer tend to be a given at the beach or pool, or as convenient snacks when on the road.  If you are traveling, substitute water for sodas and look for healthy food selections when away from home.  Most convenience stores and fast food restaurants have expanded their offerings in order to provide healthier options.  Selecting water instead of sugary drinks also helps you rinse the sugar out of their mouths.  Finally, just in case you give in to temptation, simply remember to carry a travel toothbrush in your bag.


    Stock up on Toothbrushes

    Another great milestone that every child looks forward to during summer break is the sleepover.  Whether it’s an impromptu evening of fun, or planned out weeks in advance, it’s important to stick to your nighttime routine as much as possible.  As far as your guest goes, it’s possible that they will forget to pack a toothbrush.  By keeping a few extras on hand, you can ensure their hygiene isn’t neglected.

    After use, let the toothbrush dry and then store it under the sink in a baggie with the child’s name on it.  Now you can easily find it again for the next sleepover.  Along those same lines, if your child is away for the night and leaves behind their toothbrush, you won’t have to make an extra trip to the store to replace it if you are well stocked.


    Summer is about creating memories and going on adventures as close as your own backyard or miles away.  With a little planning and a bit of education on making smart, healthy decisions, you and your children will keep cavities at bay and your teeth in great shape.  Talk with our London, KY dentist about more ways to care for your teeth at your next appointment or visit our Facebook page to learn more.