• Start on the Path to a Smoke-Free Smile

  • preventative dentistry London, KY dentistAs this month comes to a close, let’s reflect back on all we are thankful for.  Our friends, family members, and smiles top our London, KY dentist team’s list.  We are also thankful for our patients and joy they bring us each and every day.  We love being the dentist London, KY community members trust with their oral health care and preventative dentistry needs.  That said, did you also know that this month is known for its National Smoke-out Day?  If you missed it and you smoke, not to worry.  We know quitting is difficult, but maybe a few of these reasons to quit below will make this your year to quit.


    Smoking and your Smile

    Smoking has long been known to cause yellowing teeth.  When your smile begins to fade and turn to a yellowing, stained chagrin, it’s easy to begin neglecting your oral health needs.  It is important for everyone to brush and floss each day and visit their dentist twice a year.  Our London, KY dentist provides dental exams for all ages along with teeth whitening services.


    Change it Up

    Smoking in itself is a habit, but for many, smoking at certain times throughout the day is part of the habit.  If you are trying to quit smoking, change up your habits.  Do you wake up and have a cigarette?  Then brush your teeth right away in the morning and go for a walk.  Maybe you smoke after eating.  Pop a piece of mint gum or brush and floss to give your mouth a clean feeling.  You’ll find you might not want to smoke as much as you did before.


    Invest in your Smile

    Our London, KY dentist office provides patients with a variety of services including preventative dentistry procedures like fluoride treatments and oral cancer screenings.  Make the move to quit smoking so you can avoid more extensive procedures because smoking has caused you to have:

    • Gingivitis
    • Halitosis
    • Yellow teeth
    • Oral Cancer
    • Periodontal disease


    If you need help quitting, talk with our London, KY dentist about local available resources.  You might also be surprised to learn how our smile makeovers can bring your smile back to life.  It may just be the reason for you to stamp out that cigarette for good.  Follow our Facebook page to gain more insight into your oral health, and always feel welcome to reach out to us with questions about your oral health.