• Can Children Suffer from Gum Disease?

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    Chances are you’ve heard that over half of the adults in the United States have some stage of gum disease.  So, where do kids factor into the statistics?  It’s not that they can’t get gum disease; they can if proper oral hygiene routines aren’t followed.  Children more commonly get gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.  As the dentist London, KY families trust for their oral health and preventative dentistry needs, we believe recognizing the early signs of gum disease, allows us to prevent it from progressing.  So what is gingivitis?


    Typically, children get a mild form of periodontal disease, called gingivitis.  It comes about from a lack of brushing and flossing, a poor oral hygiene routine.  Signs to look for often include swollen gums, puffy gums, and gums that are red and bleed easily.  Gingivitis develops as a result of plaque on the teeth from not brushing and flossing.  By teaching children at a young age the importance of oral health care, the risk of gum disease occurring will be reduced and even eliminated.

    Treatment for Gum Disease

    When a child experiences gum disease, the treatment is similar to what an adult would undergo.  Our London, KY dentist starts with a deep cleaning which includes scaling and planing each tooth.  This process removes the plaque and tartar.  Once each tooth is cleaned, we may suggest more frequent visits to our office throughout the year to ensure the risk is removed. 

    Gum Disease Prevention

    While it’s not possible to prevent gum disease all of the time, there are things children can do at home to reduce their risk of developing problems like gum disease. The most important act is to take care of their teeth and gums every day. Children must brush twice a day and floss at least once every day. Regular visits to our London, KY dentist can help everyone stay on top of their dental health while helping us detect gum disease in the early stages.

    If you are concerned about your family’s health and gum disease, schedule a consultation with our team.  We can examine your child’s mouth and gums, developing a treatment plan for their needs.  Learn more about our services on Facebook or give us a call.  Let’s keep those teeth free of tartar and plaque and those smiles looking great.