• Braces or Invisalign: What’s Right for Me for Straighter Teeth?

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    If you are concerned about your smile, and are looking at your options for straighter teeth, talk with our London, KY dentist about Invisalign.  It used to be that braces were your only option.  But, in many cases, Invisalign solutions will help you get straighter teeth for an amazing smile.  As the dentist London, KY residents trust with their oral health, look to us for your Invisalign answers.  Today we’ll explore the differences between braces and Invisalign so you can start thinking about your smile goals.


    Braces have been around for quite some time and are used as a way of correcting ones teeth.  They can be made of metal alloys or ceramic and use brackets, wires, and bands to push and pull teeth into the desired position.  Braces are placed on the teeth with a professional-grade adhesive and incrementally move from tightening bands and wires slowly over time.  Maintenance of your braces requires occasional checkups with your orthodontist and regular brushing and flossing to keep your smile healthy.  You’ll also want to continue visiting our London, KY dentist for your regular dental exams.

    The Braces Lifestyle

    The purpose of braces is to get straighter teeth.  The treatment varies for each individual, but typically, patients wear braces anywhere from six months to 2 or 3 years.  Eating with braces takes some practice, and foods you normally enjoyed may have to be eaten in a different way until your treatment is over.  Corn on the cob, apples, and crunchy vegetables will need to be cut so as not to ruin or break your braces.


    This option for straighter teeth performs similarly to braces, with a few differences.  The trays are removed when you eat so you don’t have to make as many alterations in your diet.  The treatment plan from our London, KY dentist usually runs for six months to one year.  Your oral health care regimen stays fairly the same as before your treatment began with the ability to remove the trays when flossing and brushing.  Trays are worn 22 hours each day or longer, and replaced as designated by our dentist.   This clear, invisible solution is a fantastic option for straighter teeth. 

    Both braces and Invisalign do a wonderful job in improving your smile.  Talk with our team to see what option is best for you and get the facts.  Learn more about Invisalign on our Facebook page or call us to schedule a consultation.  Together we can work toward getting you the smile you’ve always wanted.