• How Well Do You Brush?

  • how well do you brush?

    Our London KY dentist often sees patients who aren’t brushing their teeth well enough. They simply didn’t realize they weren’t following the best practices for good oral health. Your oral hygiene depends on your brushing and flossing habits. There are a few corrections that can be easily implemented with some awareness. How well do you brush?

    Length of Time

    The ADA and your dentist London recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes per session. If you think about it, that’s only 30 seconds per quadrant. If two minutes still sounds like a long time, you may want to consider buying an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer. For the little ones who can’t count that high, you can play a song that lasts two minutes when it’s time for them to brush. There are also several apps that can help them practice.


    Brushing should be in a gentle circular motion to effectively clean your teeth and gums. If you are brushing from side to side, your toothbrush isn’t able to clean the entire tooth. Be gentle, as too much pressure can cause issues as well.

    Replace Your Brush

    Your toothbrush bristles naturally wear down over time, and become less effective at cleaning the tooth’s surface area. They also became bacteria breeding grounds with continued use. Your dentist London suggests replacing your toothbrush every three months to effectively solve both of these risks at the same time. Ask us during your next dental exam if we have a replacement toothbrush for you!

    Daily Practice

    You should remember to brush twice and floss every day. Cavities love when humans forget to clean their teeth. It gives them a chance to move in. If you opt for the sugary or acidic food and drink choices, remember to brush again. You keep your smile healthy by keeping your teeth and gums clean.

    Brushing and flossing are vital factors in your oral hygiene. When you bring your kids in for their next appointment, we will be happy to share additional tips to keep their oral health in fantastic shape. Our Facebook page also has some great tips for your best oral health practices. Let us help you get the most out of your smile!