• Pumpkins Offer Vitamins and Minerals For A Great Smile

  • Pumpkins offer vitamins and minerals

    Happy Autumn from your London KY dentist team! Now that October is here, prepare to see superfoods everywhere. This is wonderful news for your health, as pumpkins offer essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy lifestyle and smile. These Cucurbitaceae gourds, because of their seeds, are considered fruits of the pumpkin vine. Their seeds are packed with health benefits as well.

    Where Did Pumpkins Come From?

    These medicinal superfoods have been enjoyed since at least 5500 BC by Aztecs and Mayans. They made their way to England in the 1500s, where their uses were documented in recipes for savory or sweet pies. Within our states, it’s widely accepted that the first colonists shared pumpkin dishes with the Wampanoag tribe during what’s referred to as the “First Thanksgiving”. In the 1800s, this was declared a national holiday by President Lincoln and was further immortalized into our culture. One Connecticut town went as far as postponing the holiday one year to compensate for the molasses shortage that would have prevented the demand for pumpkin pies from being fulfilled. In the 1900s, the canned pumpkins we see on market shelves today were first introduced.

    How Healthy Are Pumpkins?

    Dieticians often recommend pumpkins for their low-caloric intake (50 calories per cup) and the density of nutrients. They offer serious health benefits, like increasing insulin, reducing blood glucose levels, improving glucose tolerance, and providing fiber. This will allow you to manage your food cravings to maintain a healthy weight. They also have a high water content (94%), making them a mild natural diuretic which helps your body expel waste. 

    Pumpkins offer vitamins and minerals in abundance, like Beta-carotene, which is a precursor for Vitamin A. Vitamin A allows your body to fight infection and to strengthen your immune system. Vitamin B-complex is great for healthy gums. The collagen protein and natural sunblock from Vitamin C help keep your skin healthy. With Vitamins C and E, it provides antioxidants and neutralizes free radicals, lowering your risk of aging and cancer. Vitamin E, folate, and iron support your immune system as well. With an active lifestyle, you’ll lose electrolytes more quickly. Consider replenishing with pumpkin, as they offer more potassium than bananas. The potassium and calcium will keep your teeth strong. This super team of vitamins and minerals prevent gum disease and gingivitis.

    Your cosmetic dentist London highly encourages healthy choices like pumpkin to support a healthy lifestyle. Remember that while the pumpkin fruit offers a wide variety of health benefits, pumpkin-flavored choices like cookies or lattes won’t necessarily provide your body with the same benefits. By all means, enjoy that pumpkin spice… in moderation. Remember to brush your teeth after choosing the sugary pumpkin flavor from syrup so that cavities don’t stand a chance to get cozy in your mouth. Until your next visit with our dentist London, enjoy the fall flavors and stay up to date with other oral health tips on our Facebook page.